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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Doctor Said Give 'em Jug Band Music

Today I have guests from the city. Our friends Mike and Madi came out yesterday afternoon. And then JJ Deluxe, saxophonist and hot pepper farmer, showed up with his curved soprano sax, and we broke out the washboards. Madi doubled on washboard And baritone ukulele, Mike doubled on washboard and iPhone apps. (Note the iPhone in his hand. I had to ask him to stop when he was playing the iPhone cymbals.) I played my Gibson tenor uke, of course. Sara cooked and snapped the pix.

Please note the nearly empty whiskey bottle on the windown sill. Madi's elbow is pointing at it. I was drinking wine but that bottle didn't make it into the picture. The smile, however, is totally illegal.

We played some blues, some old jazz standards, and my own original "Thick Stack of Hundred Dollars Bills". The last song was a request from the teenagers who were gathered in another part of the house. I played it solo for some of them recently. They wanted to hear the "band" do it and we gave them a rousing version.

It was a real jug band/string band kind of evening. Afterward, we went across the street to the neighbor's house and drank up some of his booze while watching the Yankees clobber the Angels (!!!!!) and talked til 1 am.

Back home, I went outside on the deck once everybody was in bed and all the lights were off, wrapped in an overcoat, and watched for the Orionid meteor shower. I saw a couple smudges, then one brilliant large meteor shot across the sky and the clouds rolled in from the other direction. I'll try again tonight if it's clear.

I'm taking Mike and Madi to the top of Camelback Mountain today to see the foliage. Then we're going to Hallet's -- a country lunch counter right out of days gone by. From there we'll pop by Farmer Frank's place, where I'm going to plant a few ginseng seeds on his wooded north-facing slope -- as part of my personal Johnny-Ginseng-restoration-of-this-native-species-to-the- Delaware-River-watershed project.

From Frank's we'll take the back roads home and drive through Cherry Valley -- America's newest US Fish and Wildlife preserve -- right to my house, which is grandfathered into the preserve. Mike and Madi came out to see the autumn foliage. Well, today they will see it in blazing glory.

Tomorrow I'll get back to topics more theatrical. Peace.

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