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Thursday, October 15, 2009

If Life Was Perfect

If life was perfect – that’s my theme today. My Plexus memoir can wait another day. Last night, reading Peter Brook’s essay “The Slyness of Boredom” in his book “The Open Door” all sorts of questions arose in my mind about my approach to blogging, and to the Plexus story specifically. Then there’s snow today -- in the middle of October. That totally skewed my thought processes.

Somebody somewhere said that if you put your dreams and hopes on the internet, they will be realized.

So, if life was perfect I’d have a real producer or producers working on my current shows. Two musical comedies and a dramatic monologue -- these three shows are totally worthy.

If life was perfect, Rupert Friend would agree to star in Byron in Hell in limited engagements on the West End and Broadway. A new lighting effect, that goes beyond anything that’s ever been done with stage lighting before, would be devised for this show. I’d get to spend a lot of time across the pond before the show comes to Broadway. The stage productions would lead to an HBO presentation of the show.

Meanwhile ,the Cherry Lane Theatre would decide to develop Café Lysistrata and the show would have a long healthy Off Broadway run.

And finally, if life was perfect, somebody would decide to take Ukulele Land (formerly Sex! Drugs! & Ukuleles!) to the next step and mount it at New World Stages with an eye toward an eventual Broadway run.

If life was perfect, I’d always have a thick stack of hundred dollar bills at the ready.

If life was perfect, the Yankees and Dodgers would face off in the World Series, and the Yankees would be triumphant.

See – it’s not all just about me.

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