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Monday, November 9, 2009



Café Lysistrata is a bawdy, irreverent, political musical comedy for 5 women on one set. There will be 2 staged readings at Theaterlab on West 14th in Manhattan. The purpose of the readings is to get audience reaction to the songs and story, and hopefully to find some backers for a showcase and eventual Off Broadway run.

The dates of the readings are December 7 and December 14@ 8pm.

There will be a $10 suggested donation at the door. 20% of the door will go to Mothers on the Move, a group that works for food justice in the South Bronx. (MOM is a very worthy organization. They do a fund drive once a year at this time, and if you want to check them out, and maybe make a monetary contribution, their web page is ) The balance of the money will go to the actors for car fare and to help defer the costs of the presentation (rent, fliers, etc). A spirited seasonal punch will be served as part of the evening.

Here’s a character break down of the roles:

GENERAL: Every role has singing parts. Many of the songs are racy and challenge societal mores.

LISA – a woman in her 60s, she is the owner operator of Café Lysistrata. She is the central figure in the story. Lots of singing, including “Internet Granny Porn Star”

CALI – a young woman with dreams of becoming a vampire. Her big number is “Vampire Luck”

GRETCHEN – a young woman who is a political activist. Big number is “Bigger Better God”

JOAN – a young hat designer. Her big solo number is “3rd Wave Feminist”

BARB – is in her 40s, a friend of Lisa’s. She’s a cougar who gets downsized out of the contemporary corporate culture. Her big number is “Cougar-icious”

BUSKERS/CHORUS -- There are 3 doubling roles. These buskers (street musicians) serve as chorus figures and have a number of songs to sing, solo and together,including "Thick Stack of Hundred Dollar Bills", "No Oil Bluz", and "Give It to the Bankers"

If you or someone you know would be appropriate for any of these roles, and available and interested in working on this piece, please contact me by email or through Face Book. ukejackson (at) ukejackson (dot) com

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