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Thursday, November 19, 2009


The blues suddenly lifted and today even the rain seems like a blessing. There are energies in the universe, and whether you assign deity personalities to these energies or not is your business. The existence of these energies, however, is undeniable to anyone with a natural sensitivity to life and its rhythms and patterns.

All this is to say that I let go of my angst and accepted an energy that’s been missing from my life for some long years. The last time I gave myself over to it totally was quite a ride. I was studiously absorbing the poet Robert Graves’ book “The White Goddess” and ended up following that energy to the island of Majorca, where Graves and his family and followers lived. I’ll post about that trip one day soon.

While writing this musical, I had many false starts with the story but did write what seem to me to be some worthwhile new songs. Finally, I threw out all the male parts (appropriate for a Lysistrata take off) and “Café Lysistrata” came together immediately.

All sorts of wonderful people are coming into my life, some again some for the first time. Other projects are suddenly catching on. “Café Lysistrata” seems to be good luck.

So, the whining and wailing and begging is over. You can be part of this journey if you wish. The energy is coursing through me as I write. It’s going to be quite a ride once again. And that’s what it’s all about.

Mark your calendar: Monday December 7 and Monday December 14 staged readings of “Café Lysistrata”, with accompaniment by a trio of musicians, and 14 new tunes, 6 wonderful women, and an audience studded with stars and literary lights – all at Theaterlab, 137 West 14th Street in Manhattan. The presentation will take 80 minutes.

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