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Thursday, November 5, 2009


Tuesday night JJ Deluxe showed up at my door and asked if I wanted to go see the late set at Django Fest at Birdland. Being more than a bit skint on the cash front, I explained that the show was beyond my means at the moment. However, I would take a ride into the city, as cabin fever was setting in and my last visit was the Warhol event at the Chelsea Hotel in September. I threw some clothes in a bag, grabbed a uke and left with $10 bucks in my pocket.

On the ride in, JJ offered to cover me for the Birdland event and let me pay him when the money story gets better. The music was tremendous . The gipsy jazz guitars and fiddle, a real solid bass player, and an awesome French accordion player – I can’t praise it enough. The Django Fest is on thru November 8 and if you get the chance GO. Here’s the link

After the show JJ dropped at my front door in Harlem. The next morning I called a few people to let them know I’m in town. A music promoter I know invited me to lunch at a French restaurant in the theater district. He wanted to bounce some ideas off me. We ended up talking for 3 hours, and at the end he took out his wallet and handed me a C note, saying, “That was really helpful. This is for your time.”

So, with a hundred bucks in my pocket, I went to Elaine’s == my favorite saloon on the planet == and watched the4 Yankees win the World Series for the 27th time in history. A great crowd of Yankees fans was there, and a beer there is the same price as pretty much anywhere else in Manhattan. What’s weird about this is that last week I woke up in the middle of the night after the Yankees won their first game and said to myself, “If you go to Elaine’s next Wednesday, you can watch the Yankees win the Series there.” And I did and I was right. Now, if my promise to myself to come up with some serious dough works out as well as that, I'll feel golden again.

I’ve got a couple more meetings over the next couple days, then who knows? New York, New York -- It’s the city of possibilities.

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