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Monday, November 2, 2009


Today I had a visit from Ratsack He wants me to direct him as he polishes his one man show. The guy is funny, professional, and very talented. He's got a great look, too. He was a long time court jester to the poetry slam scene in Atlanta, which led to his appearance on HBO’s Def Poetry.

Ratsack and his lady, Sharon, were on their way to Syracuse where he’ll showcase his act in front of college bookers. My bet is he picks up at least a few gigs. He’s doing a hilarious riff on toes and another on how he was conceived thanks to the film Nosferatu. His final “number” is going to be the Sad Gladiator.

He also wanted to talk about adding music and dancers to the show. My advice was simple – keep it a solo act, at least for the time being. In this economic climate – and with the various other factors impacting theater and performance, which I will address when the World Series is over – a genuinely entertaining one man show is much more likely to be successful

My friend Spats White has created a superb dramatic monologue that he delivers as the late 1960s/70s era entertainer Tiny Tim. Spats grew up in show business. All the greats – Groucho, Uncle Miltie, Sid Caesar, and the one and only Joe Franklin – befriended Spats when he was young. Anyway, enough blathering of someone else’s resume. My point is this – Spats says he’s never seen anything like the current climate in showbiz. “”If you can’t pack up your show in a valise and move on to the next appearance, it’s going to be very tough. These are not normal times.”

Not sure what that bodes for me, what with operas and musical and all, but we do what we do. I did write a dramatic monologue “Byron in Hell” earlier this year. My agent is currently flogging it and hopefully we’ll have a deal in London soon. However, there’s no way I could play the great Romantic poet, not without some serious plastic surgery anyway.

And so, I’m now going to devote myself to watching the game. This time of year baseball is an overwhelming distraction – when the Yankees are in it.

Go Yankees!

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