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Monday, November 30, 2009

Weekend of the Stars, and Kitcsh

So, I had two incredible encounters this weekend. The first was Saturday night at the Deerhead Inn in Delaware Water Gap, PA, just a mile from my house. I got to see the lovely and extremely talented Nellie McKay in this intimate club, and after the show we sat together for awhile and talked about her performance as Polly Peachum in Brecht's "Threepenny Opera" on Broadway a couple years ago, as well as my plays and musicals. Nellie was as enchanting in conversation as she is rollicking-ly and delightfully entertaining onstage.

On Sunday night the truly beautiful and fabulous Loretta Swit gave a wonderful presentation on what it means to her to be an actor, at the Gene Frankel Theater on Bond Street in Manhattan. Afterward, we had a tete a tete about my show Cafe Lysistrata. Please keep your fingers crossed for this project.

Sunday afternoon I saw Trav S.D.'s "Kitsch or Two for the Price of One" at Theater for the New City. I enjoyed it thoroughly. Trav and his cast and director created a neo-Brechtian feel for this ambitious merged update of Plautus' The Twins Menaechmi and Shakespeare's Comedy of Errors (which also drew from Plautus).

It's the story of 4 sets of twins, separated by the Berlin Wall after the second world war. The endless mix ups and send ups kept me laughing, and I had just driven there from Pennsylvania and was still unwinding from that effort. The second act zipped along at a lightning pace. For more info, I refer you to Martin Denton's excellent review on, as yesterday was the last performance in this run.

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