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Sunday, December 20, 2009


The Big Lie being promoted by the White House these days goes like this: "Seven presidents tried and failed to pass health care reform. This is the closest we've ever come."

Okay. So what do these bozos call Medicare and Medicaid? Both of those programs are better than the corporate giveaway being promoted by Team Obama. Of course, M&M took leadership to get through Congress.

And what's the big rush to pass this? Is this like the Wall Street / AIG bail out? Remember the original meaning of TARP -- Troubled Asset Relief Program. Remember when Paulson was saying if this wasn't passed -- so he could buy back all the bad bets by his cronies -- there would be martial law. So, when he got the money, what happened? He decided to do something else with it. It really wasn't necessary to buy the bad bets at all.

Is this health care "reform" just another corporate bait and switch? Take a look at the Big Lie again and then answer.


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