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Thursday, January 7, 2010

A Music Day

Today turned into a music day. Usually, in February, I put in 6 - 8 hour days playing all month long, working on technique, writing and/or learning new tunes -- taking it up a level. Maybe it was the break in the cold snap that made today like I had to play. Without even thinking about it, right after my toast and coffee, I went into my music studio and started playing tunes out of my Dixieland banjo fake book.

Next thing I knew it was 1 pm and I had a quick bite, started playing some more. It was like a hunger to keep going. JJ Deluxe showed up at about 2:30 with a couple new instruments he wanted me to look at. Then we took a ride out to the local luthier's shop. JJ was picking up a Gibson tenor guitar he'd had set up with new tuners.

I brought along my Gibson tenor uke to get an estimate on fixing a back crack I've been meaning to have repaired for about 4 years. It was a lot less than I expected, and he said he could have it back to me by mid-week next week. (I'll believe that when I see it.) Anyway, I left it, after we hung out for an hour while I tried out guitars. On the way back I came up with a cool hook for a new lyric.

I got home, dashed off a cover letter and raced to the post office to send off a script and CD to Ken Davenport's office. Then I took the wife and daughter to my favorite biker/hillbilly bar for dinner at a table next to their woodstove. My neighbor called just as I sat down to write this, asking if I want to go to a jam at the Deerhead Inn. I asked if he could wait 20 minutes and it's up.

Peace out.

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