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Friday, January 29, 2010


Back in the mid-1990s, after receiving some particularly upsetting rejection of a script or grant application or some such -- I honestly forget what provoked me -- I decided that my writing for the theater was over. I drove over to Scranton to see Jason Miller and raise a few glasses in honor of my defunct "career."

We went to Farley's. At the time, Jason was working on his one man Barrymore show and was actively encouraging me to create a one man show as Tennessee Williams. (I used to do a good TW impression.) Anyway, it took me a couple of drinks to get around to voicing my lament which began with a general displeasure at the way things were going for me, went into the immediate specifics, and ended with "So I'm quitting the theater."

Jason leaned in close and said very seriously, "You know, the theater won't care."

-- Uke Jackson


  1. The theatre is like Saturn -- eats its children for lunch.

  2. Anyone who considers her/himself a child of the theater may be mistaken, and may get eaten in any case.