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Monday, January 11, 2010

The Secret Warhol Rituals

It was 1995 and I directed this production. Could not get a reviewer there for the life of me. I felt like someone's country cousin once we opened. However, the process was great. I was allowed to take the entire cast into Andy's art and curio filled house on Lexington Ave overnight as part of the preparation. The only theater org to send a rep was one of the publishers, and they dismissed the play as "too downtown". Oh well. Maybe it should be a musical? Hmmm.

Laura Fay Lewis lent me her photos for these scans. That's her in all these pix. That's me in the center of the cast photo, with the mustache. I was forced to step into the role 5 days before we opened when a well-known acting teacher developed stomach problems -- no guts.

Actually he was sexually harassing the ingenue, and as director of the show, it fell to me to warn him off. He quit when I spoke to him about it. Turned out he had two sexual harassment lawsuits against him at the time from his acting students.

Everyone wore a Campbell Soup Can hat during the performances.

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