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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

SPEAK LOW (When You Speak Love)

While the rest of the "theatrosphere", led by Isaac Butler, dissect "Outrageous Fortune" (the gloom and doom tome from TDF about the state of new play production in American theatre) I'm reading SPEAK LOW (When You Speak Love) The Letters of Kurt Weill and Lotte Lenya since I got a small commission to write the dialogue for a cabaret/burlesque show based on Weill and Weimar.

Last night I finally got a guitar, after two years without (I was on a ukulele "fast"). It's a Regal resonator and it suits me perfectly. I've been screwing around on a fiddle for the last few nights, wondering if I could ever get a decent sound out of it, with the bow.  (Stravinsky once said that a violin without a bow is simply a ukulele.)  Anyway, JJ DeLuxe showed up with a bunch of instruments he picked up to assuage his acquisition obsession. The Regal git was one of them. I played it for a few minutes and knew it was my new baby. JJ was glad to unload one of the instruments.

So, instead of driving myself and everyone around me nuts by trying to learn the fiddle, I'm getting my guitar chops back.

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