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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Guitar and tattoo

So, I've been spending a lot of time practicing guitar on the Regal reso JJ Deluxe found for me. I chose a dozen old trad jazz tunes to get up to speed. The complexities of the chord progressions are challenging, and I like that. The whole idea is to get my guitar chops beyond the level they were at when I took a hiatus to become ukulele purist.

Meanwhile, I have this blown up picture of the hula girl from the Sailor Jerry's Spiced Navy Rum bottle (click for link) that I've been contemplating for a couple years now. I was promising myself to get it tattooed on the outside of my left calf, the day after "Ukulele Land" (fka, "Sex! Drugs! & Ukuleles!")opens in a commercial run. Now I have no idea when that will happen. (A vid of highlights from the show can be found below.

Anyway, I'm tired of waiting, and now I want the image tattooed on the inside of my left forearm. So don't be surprised if one day soon there's a photo of my new body art on this blog. And please don't tell me I'll regret it when I'm old. I waited until I passed the mid-century mark to start collecting tatts.

Meanwhile, here's the vid.

-- Uke Jackson

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