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Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Ancient Laws of Glitter

The New York Times finally noticed that H.Hm Koutoukas passed on March 6. One nice thing about the Times, though, is that when they publish an obit, it is thorough.

That's why this is worth a read.

H.M. said to me on one occasion that I should have attended his School for Gargoyles. When I tried to ply more info from him, he told me to keep being outrageous and I would do fine. I gathered that the school was no longer operational and must confess I wondered if it was some cosmic idea Harry had for the future.

Pay attention now, kids.

He never mentioned any of the alumni. The Times did: Gerome Ragni and James Rado (those guys who wrote HAIR), Tom O'Horgan, and Harvey Fierstein.

The Times also included Harry's last request: “Please bury me on a spit,” he told the arts magazine Bomb in 1983, “so every time there’s a bad theater production I’ll turn automatically.”

R.I.P. Playwright

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