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Thursday, March 11, 2010

R.I.P. H. M. Koutoukas

I posted a notice on my Face Book page but forgot to post it here. (I've been sick in bed for the last 3 daze -- that's my excuse.)

Harry Koutoukas was a true original. The Village Voice called him the Godfather of Off Broadway. We served as judges of the TNC Halloween costume contest together. I saw him many times over the years and he was always charming and embracing, effusive and witty.

There was tribute at Judson Memorial Church on Thursday evening but I couldn't make it. (My doctor actually ordered me to stay in bed until Saturday.) Saturday afternoon there's a tribute at LaMama with the screening of a film about him.

He died last Saturday. I'm not an organized religion sort, but this sermon at Judson Memorial the next day is worth a click.

H.M Koutoukas will always be remembered with love. R.I.P. Playwright.


  1. HARRY AND I WERE?ARE? Neighbors--
    he on Christopher st; me on Commerce ST
    The man was "on the street" 3 decades or more!
    This is why his poetic plays had wisdom, not information. He always had something startling to say. I recall the most shocking thing he ever said to me.When that poor Asian boy shot down all those students at Va Tech he said "Its the professors who reported him as insane who should be jailed, he should be given his own theater space'!!! The perspective on this almost knocked me down on teh concrete. harry= a pip!

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  3. Robert, Thank you so much for those links.
    uke jackson