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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

This Is Not a Review

Last night I had the pleasure of seeing a well-staged reading at Ensemble Studio Theater in Manhattan. What a pleasure to see something done properly, and what a change from my recent experience here in the country.

For a reading to merit praise, it requires two things: a good script and a good cast. J. Holtham, the playwright of last night's offering at EST, had both. His cast, led by Scott Sowers, Seret Scott, and Michael Louis Wells, did an excellent job bringing Holtham's well wrought characters to life. Manifesto is the title of the piece.

Now, to indulge in a bit of heresy and to prove that I, too, suffer from the theater's most prevalent disease -- the desire to rewrite someone else's play (some call it "development") -- I think J. Holtham should turn this into a musical. It's all set up for it and much of the dialogue could be cast in verse and set to music, it seems to me. Then all he needs to do is add an exclamation point and call it Manifesto!

On another note, I'm ecstatic. Blue flowers are bursting into bloom outside my shack here in Pennsylvania. This means the yellow flowers can't be far behind. The garlic is poking up. Wild onions are starting to fatten enough to pull some this weekend for use in soup. Spring is here, folks.


  1. I honestly had not thought of that. Huh.

    Thanks for making the trip all the way up north. Sorry we couldn't spend more time chatting.

  2. We'll sit down sometime when you're not as busy as last night. I forgot to mention that the house was packed.