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Friday, April 16, 2010

Reconsidering Rocco Landesman

I'm sure everyone saw this article about Rocco Landesman in the NY Time recently. In the past, I've been kind of hard on the NEA Chairman. I'm not recanting by any means. However, this quote, which the Times' reporter attributes to a 1994 New Yorker magazine article, kind of endears the guy to me:

"Mr. Landesman expounded on his philosophy of life by extolling the virtues of carrying large wads of cash. “The most important thing in life is a sense of possibility,” the magazine quoted him as saying, “and you simply can’t have it with less than $10,000 in your pocket.”"

Even if he is a rich guy as concerned, if not more concerned, with touting himself and his efforts as he is with doing something that actually impacts the lives of artists in a positive way (as opposed to benefiting vampire arts administrators), there's something I do find admirable about carrying lots of cash.

I even wrote a song about it. "Thick Stack of Hundred Dollar Bills" (click to see the full screen version on YouTube) The song starts about 50 seconds into the video below, sung by my good friend Meg Cavanaugh:

One of these days . . .

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