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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

SIXTEEN TONS -- The Miners song

Living here on the edge of coal country, exiled to Appalachia by the plutocrats that run American theater, I break out the guitar or ukulele and play this tune whenever I hear of miners dying or trapped. I learned this song on the uke when I was six years old, or so the story in my family goes. Anyway, it seems I've been playing ever since. Here's the original:


  1. A great song!
    You know... - I'd love to hear / watch you play it on your ukulele.
    Perhaps one day?

  2. Anytime you're where I am with my ukulele, just ask. Thanks!

  3. Ok - I'm on the internet, and so are you ;-)

  4. I'm not real comfortable recording and posting a song protected by copyright. As part of a live performance, it's a different story. I'm happy to do it then.

  5. Oh - that's fine.
    I didn't mean to press you
    just wanting to show my appretiation of what you do here.
    Perhaps, one day I'll have a chance to come to America, and watch you live. Who knows...