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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Spanish Connections

I've been reading a lot lately. That's what I do when I'm writing a lot.

I came across a bound copy of the galleys for The Shadow of the Wind, left over from my days as a book reviewer for the Philadelphia Inquirer and the Miami Herald, and syndicated at the time by Knight Ridder (me, not the novel). It's a brilliant, gripping, literary tale by Carlos Ruiz Zafon and translated into English by Lucia Graves.

Ms. Graves is the daughter of the late great poet Robert Graves, who I once had occasion to visit in Deia, Majorca. (That's a long story worth recounting some day.)

Anyway, I did the Google thing and found Lucia's website and sent her an email. Turns out she also translated Zafon's second adult novel "The Angel's Game" and a young adult novel that will be published in the US soon The Price of Mist. Lucia lives in London much of the time now, but still has a home in Deia.

I loved The Shadow of the Wind on various levels. It's an absolute masterpiece of storytelling. It's set in Barcelona, and there are a number of scenes in the book set in my old neighborhood there. I have not read The Angel's Game, but it's now on must read my list (It's also set in Barcelona).

Then my dear old friend Gustavo Palacios, who lives in Madrid and once did me the honor of translating my play "The Secret Warhol Rituals" in Spanish, contacted me with news of a web TV series titled Invisibles, which he produced and directed in Spain and Istanbul. Since it's 85% in a "Picasso mouth" style of English, and the rest is subtitled, I thought to link it here. Enjoy!

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