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Thursday, May 27, 2010


Last night my friend Amos Poe had a promotional party for his new film.

He asked me to play some tunes a couple days ago, so of course, I showed up. Man, am I glad I did. Not only did Amos and I get to spend some time together, but I got to hear the amazingly talented, lovely and brilliant singer songwriter Jenna Torres. WOW! I'm not a big country music fan but this woman transcends the genre.

Here's a link to her video EPK

Here's a link to a music video of "I Can't Kiss Me"
-- her latest tune. Not so coincidentally, Amos Poe directed the vid.

It was a great evening. Special Thanks, once again, to Mike Anton for the photos!
(He's really a cartographer -- click here.)

Jenna Torres entertains the crowd at Amos Poe's party for his new film.

Uke Jackson whoops it up musically.

The Unknown Playwright and film director Amos Poe in the East Village last night.

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