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Tuesday, May 25, 2010


A juvenile black bear -- not a cub but a yearling -- wandered into the back yard yesterday and drove the dogs crazy. I tried to get a photo but s/he was gone before I could get the camera out.

Meanwhile, it reminded me of this sonnet I wrote several years ago when New Jersey announced plans to allow bear hunting. It first appeared on the Op Ed pages of two Pennsylvania (where we have always had bear hunting, unfortunately) newspapers -- The Morning Call in Allentown, and the Philadelphia Inquirer..

Spring moon bear drives the dogs nuts tonight.
He wrecks bird feeders at neighboring
Houses without hounds. Talk of the town,
That bear. Of course, there are many bears
Some folks are saying government should
"Do something!" Do what? Kill off the bruin?
Drive one more species into ruin?
Chemical lawns replace miles of wood
To appease sprawling middle class cares.
Do we need more houses up and down
The valley? More bulldozers laboring
But no black bears lumbering through the night?
Stop suburban blight and unchecked bloat.
I say we enfranchise bears. Let them vote!

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