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Saturday, May 8, 2010

On the nature of open-mindedness and atheism

Derek Sivers is an internet success story. He created a way for musicians to sell their music over the internet without a major label. Then he sold it to a corporation and made himself a bundle of money in the process. (FULL DISCLOSURE: I use this service for selling CDs for the New York Ukulele Ensemble. The music, in case you're interested, is also available here on iTunes. There are also some free downloads on my website.)

Derek took all the money from the sale of the company (more than $20 million, as I recall) and established a not-for-profit foundation for music education. In short, Derek is a great guy. I've never met him in person but we correspond on occasion. He recently got married and, even though he's on an extended honeymoon, has posted an occasional blog story.

In his most recent blog, he recounts a conversation he and his bride overheard in an Oregon restaurant.

He sums up his response as being happy we live in an age when information accessibility make learning easier. And that is a great thing, no doubt. But I think it also about open-mindedness. Read it for yourself here and decide.

Thanks, Derek!

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  1. ps. It was on Derek's advice that I started this blog in the first place. Now, is that a good thing or bad?