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Saturday, June 26, 2010

AMOS POE -- 50 hours left!

My buddy Amos Poe says that if Obama had been president on 9/11 he would have put Al Qaeda in charge of the clean up operation at the WTC site. Though he was talking about the BP spill, this could be an analogy for the so-called bank reform Obomber is hustling -- and I choose that word advisedly -- through Congress. ("Congress" used to be a polite word for fucking. We playwrights can't help but think of these things.)

Amos, who is regarded as the father of No Wave Cinema, is in the throes of of putting together his cinematic version of Dante's Commedia Divina. It's sure to be brilliant because Amos is brilliant, a true genius. He and his production team are raising money on Kickstarter. Here's the link to his page:
As you can see, he has already well exceeded his goal of $12,000. However, he can use more. The film will be in the Venice Film Festival, and other festivals, and all that costs money for travel, etc.

At this writing there are 50 hours left to join the effort to get this movie made properly. So, if any of the cinephiles and/or poetry lovers who read this blog would like to join Salman Rushdie, Debbie Harry, Patti Astor and a host of others in supporting this effort, please click and contribute.

What are friends' blogs for, after all?

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