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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Democratic Socialism

I want to make sure I understand this. After Goldman Sachs encouraged finance chiefs in Greece to engage in risky behavior and circumvent their own laws, and the world economy subsequently crashed due to Goldman and the other Greedistas on Wall Street, we're now hearing that economic problems in Greece, Spain, Ireland and Portugal are proof positive that European style socialism doesn't work.

I guess that means the thieves in suits infesting lower Manhattan and corporate board rooms see wealth somewhere in the world that they haven't stolen yet. Once these monsters have all the money, all the mansions, all the sailboats, all the Hummers and other gas guzzlers, they will feel safe from the threat of other people having pensions and health care and food to eat and clean water to drink.

What bothers Wall Street bankers and other members of the corporate plutocracy seems to be that the socialism in Europe is democratic socialism. That means the people their voted those systems into place. That system was working fine until Wall Street poisoned it and then crashed the world economy.

Now, we're hearing about more growth as the answer. Growth for the sake of growth is how a cancer cell operates. That is what Wall Street and multinational corporations have become -- a huge cancer on the body politic of the world. We need to cut it out, remove it, kill it with chemicals if necessary.

Yesterday was the anniversary of Che's birthday. For a long time after I came home from the war in 1971 I kept a poster of him on my wall. I carried a pistol and considered myself ready for a revolution. Then I lived in Europe for awhile and saw what civilization really means. It is not about having the most money and the most toys and fuck everybody else.

I am a green democratic socialist, and I am proud of it. Too bad there is no one for whom I can vote in this country who embodies those ideals. Now I believe in nonviolent revolution. However, it's all lip service, a dramatist being dramatic. 

So, today I honor the memory of a true revolutionary. Happy Birthday, Che!

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