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Monday, June 28, 2010


On the theater front, a great big hip hip hooray to Mike Bradwell for his post on the Guardian's theater blog today. Substitute the USA for Great Britain and the situation remains pretty much the same -- not-for-profit theater becoming corporate brothels -- though over the pond there is a lot more support generally for theater than here.

On the film front, kudos to my buddy Amos Poe for the super successful alternative fund raising success to finish his new interpretation of Dante's divine comedy. (Please see my post from last Friday for more info and links.) And kudos to everyone who donated.

Last but certainly not least, kudos (again) to Carlos Ruiz Zafon. The last time I wrote about him it was to praise his novel "The Shadow of the Wind". His new novel "The Angel's Game" recently came out in paperback. This should be on everyone's summer reading list. If you love literature, books, intrigue and great storytelling -- this book's for you!  (Both novels were translated from the Spanish by the estimable Lucia Graves.)

At 2 am this morning, when I closed the book and set it down, I had to marvel at the talent and daring of this writer. At a couple of points toward the end of the story, the hairs on the back of my neck rose. That seldom happens anymore when I read.

How Ruiz Zafon managed the exquisite narrative feat that is The Angel's Game is beyond me.

I liked this book so much that I want someone else to read it. So, here's my offer -- the first person to send me their name and snail mail address to uke jackson (at) uke jackson [dot] com (all one word -- you know how email addresses work, and how subterfuge such as this is necessary to avoid spammers and their bots) can have my copy free of charge. I'll pay the (media mail) postage. This offer is good for US readers only. Please tell me in the email if I can announce your name or not.

CAVEAT: reading this at night in the summertime, there are some pages where I squashed tiny flying bugs. I brushed away the minuscule carcasses, and the print is all intact. Just saying so whomever gets this copy doesn't think it's something more disgusting.

Check the comments section, where I will announce that there is a winner.

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