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Friday, June 11, 2010

The Unknown Playwright really is unknown

So, last Sunday I got up early and drove into Manhattan to attend a seminar on producing for Off Broadway theater. I went with a couple friends who have expressed interest in producing "Cafe Lysistrata".

While there I met a couple of active commercial producers. One of them, a very nice lady, explained to me why it is difficult these days for someone like me: "You're an unknown playwright," she said. "Theater owners want known quantities."

Instead of asking her if she was a reader of my blog, I protested and did the most absurd thing -- I recited parts of my resume. That's what happens when I get up too early.

As to the seminar, I can't say I learned very much. I've heard it all before -- at other seminars and a number of years ago when I took a 20 week course with the Commercial Theater Institute called "Producing for the Commercial Theater." A lot of good that did me.

However, my two friends both felt that seminar was very helpful and thought-provoking. So, maybe it was worthwhile. Maybe we'll see a production of "Cafe Lysistrata" sooner rather than never.

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