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Monday, July 12, 2010


I went last night with a carload of people to see Jack Johnson in Camden NJ. We sat on the lawn with all the young people. It was a perfect evening. The place was sold out and the people were wonderful to be with. The music, of course, was brilliant!

I first started playing Jack's music on my radio show back in 2003. He includes ukulele playing in his music, which endeared him to me from the start. He played "Breakdown" last night on uke, and had a woman from Hawaii who sang and played uke earlier in the show.

This tour is called "To the Sea" and like his 2008 tour, all the profits are being donated to environmental charities.

Mainly though, it's all about the music, and Jack Johnson is one of the best we have right now. I read recently that lots of tours are being canceled due to lack of ticket sales. That sure not the case with this tour. Get tix and see him if you can.

Btw, thing are going great with the new green show we're building to tour up and down the Delaware river. Lots of people getting involved. We even have a general manager!

More about all this soon.

Go see Jack Johnson if you get the chance.

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