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Thursday, July 8, 2010


I'm busy writing, and putting together a huge community show that will tour towns and cities up and down the Delaware River. So, I will post here on as regular a basis as possible, Please don't be surprised, though, if my pithiness -- if I ever had any -- is used up by the time I go online. (The computer I write on each morning is not connected to the interwebs.)

If you know anyone in the Delaware River watershed who is interested in performing, we're building a community show that is strictly a nonprofit sort of thing (though not yet officially). Anyway, we're looking for:

A drummer with rock and jazz chops.

Puppeteers (we're talking parade size puppets).

Women vocalists -- we want to have a chorale group of at least 10 women singers, and there are a number of solo songs for women that are part of the show.

Brass musicians -- we want a brass band as part of our opening parade in each town.

Jugglers and tumblers.

Anybody who can play an instrument AND has any other performance talent and would like to be part of this adventure, please get in touch.

We are already rehearsing with some of the core musicians.

We also need backstage volunteers.

Gigs will be on weekends beginning late September 2010.


(Make this all one word to send an e m a i l , please): U k e J a c k s o n ( a t ) U k e J a ck s o n [ d o t ] c o m

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