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Monday, August 16, 2010


So, today I get to talk about my buddy Brian Gormley's upcoming exhibits. In the beginning of September his work is being shown at the Irish Museum of Modern Art in Dublin.At the end of September he has an exhibit of his new paintings at Mindy Wyatt Gallery in Manhattan.

I saw the new work when Brian and I had lunch in Easton, PA recently. Afterward we drove down to his studio and home in upper Bucks County, PA. He is an amazing artist, one of the true geniuses I am fortunate to number among my good friends.

I held off on posting about seeing the work because Brian's website was still under construction. Now it is up and running, and well worth a click.

Lo and behold, I got a message on my Face Book page that Arthur Dworin, another abstract painter friend has also launched his new website this past weekend. Also well worth a click.

Oh yeah -- that picture. You'll be seeing it a lot! It's the cover image from my novel "Broadway Vampire". Chaz DeBourbon of designed the cover, and the book. I'm thrilled with the cover image. It so tells the story. But more about me and my novel on lots of other posts, for sure. Meanwhile check out Brian's work, put his opening(s) on your calendar. And check out Arthur's work on his website. Two fine painters launching new web pages on the same day. How often does that happen?


  1. I am back ,liking the new look! and hope to get to BG's exhibit in September, maybe you will be here for it?.... now where can i get a copy of the NOvel??! :)

  2. Maria, I'm still working on making the trip. Finances are up in the air at the moment. If I come I'll be sure to bring a copy for you. How was London, and your mother? (Maybe we should carry on this conversation elsewhere?)