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Thursday, October 14, 2010


Here are some of my favorite quotes from readers who have read Broadway Vampire and then wrote reviews.

From Amazon:

"This book was a pleasant surprise, a mix of Broadway history and an inventive twist on the traditional vampire lore. It was a great read, fast paced like James Patterson, but with enough substance and interesting, colorful characters to keep me reading long past bedtime!! It was also fun to have real-life people mentioned in the book, as well as real places with which I'm familiar. No book since Interview with a Vampire has made me wonder more about their existence!! A great first novel, hopefully there will be more to follow!" 

"I loved the book! A fast read and interesting history of Broadway theater. I am not a vampire person but Gus is my kind of vampire!!!!"

and from Goodreads:

"An intriguing premise, a vampire theatrical producer.
I liked the vampire lore of this book. It was well thought out and intriguing. Make no mistake this is a vampire with a capital V, no sparkly veggie angsty emo guy, but a murderous unapologetic drinker of human blood. ."

One thing I noticed -- the paying customers were much more enthusiastic than the people who got freebies. (I gave away ten copies on Goodreads as part of one of their contests.) I'm thinking "No more freebies! Read it free on the blog or buy it." 

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