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Thursday, November 18, 2010


Ixion Burlesque, under the direction of impresario Albert Garzon, presents Weimar Burlesque this Saturday night at the Bowery Poetry Club. I wrote the script based on the love affair and marriage between Lotte Lenya and Kurt Weill, drawing from letters, biography and other reading.

However, this is really the brain child of the maestro, Albert Garzon. The Great Garzon loves the art form known as burlesque -- with reservations. He loves burlesque that is accompanied by live music and singing. Young women taking to stages and plugging their iPods into the house sound system to accompany their dances of dishabille, the Great Garzon likes to point out, is NOT true burlesque. Live music and singing accompanying the dancers is essential to presenting burlesque as it is meant to be seen. Fan dancers grinding to pre-recorded tracks are presenting ersatz burlesque.

Maybe the insistence on live music is why the Great Garzon's presentations are always sold out.

I'll be there this Saturday evening. Will you? (For those of you too far away, there will be a live web cam presentation of the performance on the BPC website.)

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