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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

THE EDUKATORS and German Film Making

Last night I watched The Edukators using my Roku to stream it from Netflix.

I don't usually do product links but the Roku has completely changed my viewing habits. We're disconnecting from cable TV (at $70 a month) and amending our Netflix account to streaming only and adding HuluPlus (each service $7.99a month) and will save over $50 a month and have more programming options. We'll also be out of the plastic and paper stream through the mails.

I try and watch several German movies each week, as part of my effort to master the language. I'm finding German film making much more appealing and entertaining than Hollywood fare. For one thing, Germans are not afraid to make movies about real people doing radical things. The Edukators certainly fit that bill.

The four main actors do a brilliant job. At one of those most tense moments in the action, I jumped up from my chair and spoke aloud to the screen: "Get out! Get out now!" I never talk to movies. I honestly can't remember the last time that happened. But I became totally caught up in the story, and the lives of the charming young people in this story. (ADDED EDIT: A big shout out to director Hans Weingartner is also in order.)

As the story progressed, my expectations of where it was going were repeatedly mistaken. Yours will be, too, if you watch it. Want a radical political thriller (without shoot em ups)? Watch The Edukators.

On a further note, another chapter of Broadway Vampire was posted today. It's FREE!

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