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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Obama's record so far, for the record

Ismael Reed defended President Obama on the Sunday NY Times Op Ed page with an attack on "white progressives" that seems to imply racism is at the heart of dissatisfaction with the President. I'm white and I used to consider myself a progressive. However, I'm not sure that term means anything anymore. It's been co-opted by the media elite.

Here are most of the reasons I'm not happy with the President. Feel free to add your own reasons why you are happy or unhappy with the Obama administration in the comments section.

War in Afghanistan escalated at a cost of hundreds of millions of dollars daily.
Number of mercenaries paid $250,000 a year doubled.
In two years number of American troop deaths in Afghanistan more than doubled from the previous seven years.
Appointment of a cabinet of political hacks instead of people with fresh ideas.
Continuation of the "Burn it and we will profit" energy policy benefiting the elite.
Near-total capitulation to the medical-industrial complex without negotiations during health insurance expansion.
Continuation of the Patriot Act, wiretapping, surveillance of citizens' emails.
Covering up amount of oil spilled by BP during the Gulf of Mexico disaster.
Allowing use of a destructive dispersant during Gulf disaster.
Two years into Obama's term, the ACTUAL unemployment rate is still more than 18%.
Don't Ask Don't Tell intact for the foreseeable future.
Attack on WikiLeaks.
Tax cuts for billionaires.

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