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Wednesday, December 1, 2010


With idiots like Chuck Todd of NBC and MSNBC talking about Senator Tom Coburn's goatee, and trying to pass it off as news, WikiLeaks clearly becomes a blessing. We no longer get genuine news from the network "news" pimps like Todd and the ever-bubbly CNN media slut Kyra Phillips.

Phillips, almost no one recalls, was a total corporate whore during the run up to the Iraq war. When Scott Ritter -- the man who actually oversaw the dismantling of Iraq's weapons programs during the 1990s, as head of the UN weapons inspectors -- went on Phillips' completely forgettable show on MSNBC as the media cheered for the start of the Iraq war.

The former US Marine intelligence officer stated unequivocally during the Phillips interview that there were no weapons of mass destruction, that it was impossible for Hussein to have rebuilt his programs that quickly after Ritter and his teams destroyed them. Phillips response? "It sounds to me like you've been drinking Saddam Hussein's Kool Aid." This from an idiot who never served this country other than to screw and squirm her way up the corporate "news" ladder.

Shortly after that exchange, Ritter was charged with attempted child molestation. Sound familiar? Julian Assange of WikiLeaks is now wanted for alleged sex crimes. Oddly, these charges are being promulgated by a Swedish prosecutor who already said there is no merit to the charges when they first were proffered, then dropped.

Strange isn't it? Obama wins the Nobel Peace prize and turns total war monger. WikiLeaks and Assange release info that delineates possible war crimes, at worst, and crappy leadership on the part of Bush, Obama and all their henchmen in the Pentagon and the military industrial Congressional complex, at best. For this, he gets persecuted in the home country of the Nobel Prize.

I wish the guy lots of luck.He will need it.

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