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Tuesday, January 18, 2011


My Mom called to wish me a Happy Birthday. She asked how everything is going. My reply: "Same as it ever was. Rich people still ahead."

I'm really glad Congressperson Giffords is doing well recovering from her head wound. Do we really need to hear the endless updates, though? I know Americans love to wallow in tragedy ( or at least the mainstream media thinks we do, and therefore shoves it down our throats endlessly.) However, there's one tragedy that isn't getting any coverage these days -- the wars that are bankrupting this country. (I guess that's 2 tragedies but why quibble?) Ms. Giffords voted for the wars. A lot of soldiers have suffered tragic head wounds, too. Of course, they're not part of the DC elite. So, their wounds and recuperation don't deserve coverage 24/7. Don't worry, network news readers and talking heads. I get it -- the rich and powerful are more interesting; and no one is accusing you of being real journalists anyway.

The current pope is giving his predecessor the fast track on sainthood, thanks to the prayers of some nun. Pope John Paul II would be the same guy who was in charge when the Irish bishops got squelched on reporting child abuse by priests. Am I the only person who makes these connections? If this beatification is the result of praying, then all I can say is to hell with prayer and to hell with pervs.

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