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Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Last night’s State of the Union speech was worse than pathetic. It was frightening. (The seating arrangement reflected the truth that there is only one party. But anyone with any sense already knew that.) Barack H. Obama, President of the United States, in his opening remarks praised the rise in corporate profits as a sign of what is elsewhere oxymoronically being called a “jobless recovery”. The man is a corporate whore through and through. If his recent appointments of William Daley and Jeffrey Immelt as his chief advisers weren’t proof enough that the president is out of touch with anyone but the corporate elite who are running this country down to dirt, the speech last night was.

Nowhere in the speech were the growing class of poor people and the shrinking middle class mentioned. At no point was relief for those suffering from the past year’s Gulf oil tragedy addressed. The rising tide of foreclosures? Zippety doo dah, my oh my what a wonderful day!

Tomorrow I will address the president’s favorite oxymoron – clean coal. 

Today I am still reeling that in one part of the speech Obama stated that some corporations paid no tax at all, and in the next portion of his speech offered his remedy – lower corporate taxes for all corporations.    

I do like the idea of high speed rail service. But 2025? 14 years from now? Talk about a lack of competitiveness. The transcontinental railroad was built in 6 years beginning in 1863 and completed in May of 1869. The Pony Express was the quickest means of communication while it was being built. The transcontinental telegraph -- the internet of its day -- was built simultaneously. It is worth noting that for 2 of those years, there was a war going on in this country. Yet, we’re being told that the new rail system is going to take more than twice as long as a similar effort took in the 19th century? WTF is wrong with this country?

This president is a complete political hack. He is setting up anyone who is not part of the multi-millionaire and billionaire class to be corporate serfs. The postal service is closing 2,000 post offices across the country this year and is considering closing another 16,000. Think about that. That move would hasten the electronification of money and increase the power of banks and other usurers exponentially. People will no longer be able to pay their bills by check. The choice of whether or not to yield complete control of financial information will no longer exist. Everything will be in the databases of the jerks who brought us the current economic crisis. This will also, to a large degree, privatize the mail, as there will still be packages to be delivered. FedEx and UPS must be licking their chops like Br’er Wolf.

There is an alternative model to a complete corporate take over of the government and the body politic. I strongly recommend that you read it here.

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