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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sunday Editorial: Does WTF = WIN?

If you're as old as I am, you may recall President Ford's WIN buttons. The abbreviation stood for "Whip Inflation Now". Here is part of the speech that Ford used to launch his failed campaign against inflation (which was a problem into the Reagan years):

None of the remedies proposed, great or small, compulsory or voluntary, stands a chance unless they are combined in a considered package, in a concerted effort, in a grand design.

I have reviewed the past and the present efforts of our Federal Government to help the economy. They are simply not good enough, nor sufficiently broad, nor do they pack the punch that will turn America's economy on.

A stable American economy cannot be sustained if the world's economy is in chaos. International cooperation is absolutely essential and vital. But while we seek agreements with other nations, let us put our own economic house in order. Today, I have identified 10 areas for our joint action, the executive and the legislative branches of our Government. 

Maybe it's me, but I heard echoes of this speech in the president's State of the Union address the other night. There are differences, and inflation isn't the problem now. But his Win The Future (WTF) is just as broad and unspecific.]

Endless war on behalf of of the Military Industrial Congressional Complex, the endless Drug War on behalf of the Prison Industrial Government Syndicate (you do the initials), and the criminal greed of corporations and Wall Street -- which Obama cited as a good thing in his speech: "Stock prices are up!" -- are the problems facing this country now. These, not Social Security and Medicare, are bankrupting Main Street America.

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