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Monday, January 10, 2011


I've gotten a couple emails about my recent disappearance from Face Book. So, I suppose it is something that needs addressing. Face Book is a huge waste of time. I know this. I think most people know this. We do (did) it anyway. It was fun, or something approximating fun, for awhile.

However, the recent announcement that Goldman Sachs now owns a piece of Face Book put me into a moral quandary. I tried discussing this on Face Book but that really did not address what I was feeling. It got so I started feeling physically ill every time the site came up on my screen. Why?

Quite simply, Goldman Sachs is one of the most morally degenerate organizations on the planet. Millions of people have lost their homes as a result of their deceptive business practices. Peoples' pensions are in shambles. entire countries are suffering financial deprivation as a result of the way Goldman Sachs does business.

Knowing this -- and if you don't, please leave a comment and I'll hook you up with several links -- how can any right-minded person continue to use Face Book? I'll leave that answer up to you. But please know this: every time you click on that site, you are helping Goldman Sachs, and that means you're selling your soul -- for nothing. Isn't it worth more than that?

If you would like to delete your Face Book account (it feels really, really good, btw) the following link will allow you to do that. It takes about 2 weeks for the account to be permanently discontinued.

How To Delete Your Face Book Account

I'm playing more music and writing a lot more since dumping Face Book. Please understand, my decision had nothing to do with the people on the site. The last thing I want is to hurt someone's feelings or have someone think I'm dissing them. I love you all. Stay well. And please check in on me here or on my website occasionally. Leave a comment. It will be good to hear from you, and know it is not enriching the greediest human beings on earth.

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