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Friday, February 4, 2011


Who knew that American television journalists were capable of -- what exactly does one call their latest acts? Stupidity? Hubris? Elitism? Loony Toons?

This bunch breaks out their safari jackets and vests, hop on corporate jets, and race to Cairo. Then they throw themselves into the middle of another country's turmoil. When they get clobbered by some of the locals, the story is no longer about the Egyptian uprising, it's all about them -- America's very own TV "news" stars.

If these people want to tell truth in the face of corrupt power, land those corporate jets in Kabul and defy the Pentagon and its strangle hold on news coverage coming out of Afghanistan. We've all heard the numbers of dead in Cairo and seen them flashed on the TV screen repeatedly. Now we're getting minute by minute tallies of black eyes and interrogations endured by silly blabbermouths.

Let me ask you something. How many Americans were killed or wounded this week in Afghanistan? What section of that country is enduring heavy fighting? How many of our troops have been wounded or killed in battle since the beginning of the month? The beginning of the year? The beginning of the war? How many Afghanis have died?

This Egypt coverage is more mass distraction. The elite few in America are being enriched by the war. It is the same bunch who amassed their piles in Vietnam. 

If all we had to rely on was the main stream media, you and I wouldn't even know that our country is waging war in Afghanistan and Pakistan (undeclared), and being bankrupted as a result, while the military industrial complex and their lobbyists and other lackeys in Washington clean up financially.

I know there's a war on. I've got family over there. These elitist, upper class "journalists" are as pathetic as they are self serving and duplicitous.

Gimme a break already!

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