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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Ginseng Roots Band Got Percussion!

We got us a playah! Right now we're calling him Major Monkey Skulls. We were calling him something else but his wife came to the gig tonight and put the kibosh on that.

Anyway, he's working out just fine on monkey skulls and washboard. Starting to sound like a roots band with a ukulele twist.

On another note -- the holiday Monday really screwed up my timing this week. I forgot to buy my Mega Millions last night (my numbers did NOT come up. If they had, I probably be bled out by now.)

And I forgot today was Wednesday until tonight. So, Chapter 24 of BROADWAY VAMPIRE is posted for your reading pleasure. Better late than never.

Soon, I'll start posting these gigs. You have to see JJ Deluxe. The man has got the sax mojo going on! We played a set at the Riegelsville Inn Monday night, by invitation of the ukulele player whose gig it was, and you would have thought he was a rock star the way those young ladies went after him when we came off the band stand. The man has it going on!

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