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Thursday, February 24, 2011


Wall Street traders are manipulating the price of oil, again. And our bought and paid for president and congress are not doing one thing to protect the American people from phase 2 of the economic downturn for everyone but the banksters and brokerino dealers. It’s not vast hordes of unwashed muzzies rising up against their corporate-America-backed dictators that’s driving up gas prices, as the “news” talkers are repeating a thousand times a day. (Well, they might leave out the history lesson as to who backs the worst thugs around the world.)

Oil fields are NOT under attack. NO oil tankers have been blown up. It doesn’t cost one penny more today to get oil out of the Mideast desert sands than it did a month ago. So, why is the price going up? Goldman Sachs and the other greedy commodity traders are sitting in front of their computer screens driving up the price of food and fuel, for their personal profit.

The professional liars who rule televisions 24 hour news cycle will NOT tell you the truth, even though it is so obvious somebody like me can sit here in my little mountainside shack and figure out what’s going on. People throwing off oppression is nothing but an opportunity for unregulated pigs on Wall Street to make life worse for everyone, as if they haven’t done enough already.

The Storyteller in Chief says it is teachers’ unions that are the problem; the corporate boot lickers on Capitol Hill will tell you it is Social Security and Medicare, when prodded by the news cycle prevaricators.

War and prisons are breaking this country financially, along with underwriting all the bad bets Wall Street makes.

Now more and more families will be reduced to hardship due to rising fuel and food prices -- so that Goldman Sachs traders can have bigger bonuses, bigger yachts, bigger homes in the Hamptons. If you are not among those who already have been ruined by government’s collusion with the market manipulators – there’s a damn good chance you will be soon.

You will be told your coming problems are due to oppressed people rising up in the Middle East. Know this: all our financial problems are created in offices in lower Manhattan. The current administration has fumbled every opportunity to get things under control. "Our" government now exists to make sure the rich stay rich and that the rest of us pay for any financial mistakes the rich  might make. 

Better go on line and order some garden seeds. A time to hunker down is coming.  


I just got this link emailed to me and watched this video. I'm a little iffy on some of it. However, the speech by the wrestler at the end is right on. But since the video link was sent to me by a federal law enforcement officer I've know for many, many years -- I'll let you decide. (I don't know about the fluoride conspiracy stuff. But then, I have my own well.) There is no right and left politically anymore. There are only haves and have nots.

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