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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Rocco Landesman and I agree?


Is it possible that Rocco Landesman and I agree on something? It would seem so. The head of the National Endowment for the Arts and former Broadway producer wrote this on a blog yesterday:

"There are 5.7 million arts workers in this country and two million artists. Do we need three administrators for every artist? Resident theaters in this country began as collectives of artists. They have become collectives of arts administrators. Do we need to consider becoming more lightly institutionalized in order to get more creativity to more audiences more often? It might also allow us to pay artists more."

I have been railing against the surfeit of self-serving administrators for awhile now. I didn't know the actual numbers but 3 admins for every artist in the country is insane. And the fact that the chairman is actually talking about paying artists more? A hat tip to you, sir!

Once again, I have to thank Thomas Cott for his daily email "You've Cott Mail" for the heads up on this discussion. Sometimes it seems I'd be completely cut off here in my Appalachian shack if it weren't for my morning dose of YCM.

You can read Chairman Landesman's blog post here on the official  NEA blog and the
Washington Post's coverage of his appearance at Arena Stage's conference last week here.

Tomorrow, weather and electricity permitting, "Whither the Public Intellectual in America?"


  1. Thanks! Glad you find YCM to be useful... All the best, Thomas

  2. Thomas, I absolutely love YCM. It's as essential as my second cup of coffee, and I enjoy them together. Thank you!