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Sunday, February 27, 2011


Teachers have a national union that represents most of them. They should strike now. Not next week, not next month and certainly NOT next school year.

Teachers can shut this country down. The reason people think teachers are getting paid too much is because parents think of teachers as baby sitters. Most households need two jobs to make their payments to the banks. Shut down the schools and everything slows and shuts down.

That is what needs to happen now. If the union waits until September, the teachers union will be a memory. Look at what happened in Rhode Island on Friday. That will happen everywhere -- work without the union or don't work at all. 

The politicians don't care. All their kids are in private school, paid for by corporate graft.

It is time to stop the assault of the billionaires! Teachers should walk out NOW and every union should join the teachers! General strike!

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