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Monday, March 14, 2011

Natural iodine -- a public service alert

Radiation knows no political boundaries. I feel terrible for the Japanese people, who are facing radiation poisoning after the huge earthquake.

Can the radiation reach the USA? If it gets into the jet stream, the answer is yes. If you follow the weather closely, like many of us country folk, you will have observed storms this past winter that crossed the country from the west coast to the east. These patterns were often attributed to the forces of the jet streams.

There is nothing anyone can do to halt something like radiation in the jet stream. However, you can start taking kelp capsules to let your body naturally absorb iodine, which will protect the thyroid gland. This is a better approach, I believe, than the massive doses of iodine handed out on the spot once a disaster occurs (like the ones being handed out in Japan now). I've read that supplementing the iodine (kelp) with vitamins B and C helps the body absorb iodine better. Please do some research on this for yourself.

Here's a link I found for inexpensive kelp capsules with free shipping, from a reputable source. However, I should note that the price rose almost $2 (two dollars) between the time I ordered mine this morning and now, as I write this:

Hopefully, it's unnecessary. The good thing is that kelp won't kill you, unlike radiation,

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  1. Btw, I am in no way associated with Puritan's Price. I also bought a bottle of kelp at my health food store to get started right away.