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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Up and Down the River

Yesterday was first rate. JJ Deluxe aka Johnny Peppers and I rolled into Easton, PA for lunch with Brian Gormley and the Parisian-born documentary film maker Patrick Morell of Golden Rabbit Films, who is in the area to make a profile doc about Brian. Morell is just back from 2 years making a film in Tibet. So, he was full of stories and after a long leisurely lunch, we all decided to adjourn to Chez Gormely in Upper Black Eddy to continue the conversation. First Brian wanted to do some shopping.

So, Deluxe aka Peppers (Do you sense a handle transition coming on here?) and I decided to drop in at a local boite that features live music and where we'd like to get the band booked. We did a little music flash -- 3 songs for the bar maid and the manager -- and got ther good news that the owner/booker called while we were playing and had been listening to some of our music yesterday morning and was going to be calling me with two dates, soon. That would be cool. Then I could mention the place's name, update my calendar, and so forth. I've got to update that calendar soon, anyway, as we've got a number of community bandstand/gazebo gigs, library gigs, local festivals and so forth coming up. Anyway, they loved us and Deluxe loved the selection of beers. ( I was the designated driver and abstained.)

Easton is a great little city, one of my faves on the planet. The confluence of the Lehigh into theDelaware creates a natural energy about the place. There's a fairly vibrant local art scene. And there's the State Theatre which used to be on the vaudeville circuit, as well as a try out house for Broadway shows. Now it brings culture to the region in the form of touring showslectures by the like of Anthony Bourdain, and concerts. (Without a damn casino!) Easton also has some good restaurants that feature live music.It's a very manageable urban environment.

After our brief musical interlude in River City we rolled down to UBE and Gormley's studio. The river is still running high after the rains and the snow melt. But it was nowhere near overflowing its banks. I love riding along the Pennsylvania side of the river, as there are so many waterfalls that you pass as you drive.

Once we got there, we played some music while Patrick took some snaps and worked out his camera shots for the art doc. Brian invited us to stay for dinner and grilled some lamb which he served with couscous and salad. I allowed myself some wine with dinner. Then we played more music and I abstained from the absinthe. By midnight I was clear-headed from the 3 glasses of wine at dinner and we rolled back north.  

Spring is very much in the air here on the mountain. The crocus are up and blooming. Deluxe-Peppers just called to say he got home okay and what was I up to.

It's time to practice.

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