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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Vital Interest

Yesterday I blogged my speculation that there are at the very least NATO special forces at work with the Libyan tribes fighting against Khaddafi (or however the hell you spell it). Today, it turns out I'm correct in my guess.

Yep. Great Britain is a member of NATO and their special forces are on the ground in Libya's civil war. I also speculated that Obama would arm the guys shouting Allah'u Akbar. Turns out he authorized arming these guys several weeks ago, according to the NY Times.

None of this jibes with his high tone speech on Monday night.

Obama-speak is rather suspect these days.

Consider this -- the first offshore drilling permit in the Gulf of Mexico was issued by the U.S. government to none other than BP! Nothing has been done to make blow out protectors more viable. Yet, Obama says "we have learned" from that disaster.

Learned what exactly? That there's oil in Libya? I think we already knew that.

And what will we learn about nuclear power after the unfolding Japanese tragedy? That radiation is safe as long as corporate profits in the energy sector are unaffected? Actually, why not -- since the drinking water of huge swathes of Pennsylvania is being poisoned anyway, so that T. Boone Pickens and the other billionaires can get richer by fracking natural gas in the Marcellus Shale. If the water is poisoned, what's a little radiation in your food?

The next time you hear the corporations' Storyteller in Chief utter the words "vital interest" you would be advised to grab some K-Y jelly and bend over.

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