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Tuesday, April 26, 2011


In my younger years, “the friendly face of fascism” was often spoken of among activists and environmentalists. Well, full-blown fascism is here in the USA and it isn’t friendly; it’s grim and rapacious, leering with greed and drooling with a lust for the end of democracy. Obama certainly has big-time fascistic tendencies, but he’s a lightweight compared to some of the newly elected Republican governors.

Here in Pennsylvania, Governor Tom Corbett is exercising his new power to allow energy companies to rape the environment and, of course, profit from it without paying a dime. Hydrofracking is on the covers of magazines and the lips of many. It’s the process by which natural gas is extracted from shale, and it is polluting both air and water at an unprecedented pace.

The criminal Corbett doesn’t have a clue what the word “commonwealth” means. He wants to give everything away – water, air, and methane – that belongs to all Pennsylvanians. The new governor not only refuses to tax these energy corporations, he refuses to allow the Department of Environmental Protection to oversee them. Pennsylvania has more miles of rivers and streams than any of the other lower 48 states. The water quality of as many as two thirds of those will suffer degradation as a result of fracking.

Meanwhile, what the gas companies don’t tell anyone is that their process is wasteful and also pollutes the air. Fracking only recovers about 10 per cent of the gas underground. The rest of it escapes into the atmosphere. Instead of being “clean energy” as touted by T. Boone Pickens and other rich creeps, natural gas may well be the dirtiest, in every sense of the word, source of energy there is.
(NOTE: There’s a demonstration in Harrisburg tomorrow Wednesday April 27, against Corbett’s energy-company-run Marcellus Shale Advisory Committee. You want to talk about rats guarding the cheese factory? Here’s the genuine article.

Of course, like that ugly mug in Wisconsin and the Fat Slob in Chief in New Jersey, Corbett is also attacking public education and teachers. With the help of some Republican state senators, he is hoping to privatize public education. That means some nabobs will be given all the buildings and property bought and built with public funds, for pennies on the dollar, and then charge everyone to go to school. The end game of the Republicans and their billionaire backers is the end of free education in America.

Then there’s Governor Rick Snyder of Michigan. This guy makes Mussolini look good. Mussolini believed the corporations were useful to a fascist government. Snyder believes local governments should be dissolved and private corporations put in charge of cities and towns. Elected officials can be summarily fired by private corporations the governor sends in to assess their financial stability.

In other words, now that’s Obama’s buddies on Wall Street have screwed up the economy everywhere but in their cement canyons and on their own palatial estates, it’s time to punish the people for letting this happen, according to the Republican governors. Privatization and deregulation are the two dirtiest words in the English language.

War without end; billionaires in the media endlessly telling us what to do, and running for office; public education under attack by the wealthy and their minions; corporations paying no taxes – does any of this sound like democracy to you?

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