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Friday, April 15, 2011

Weekend Music: A Song To Plant By

Have you started your garden yet? Here's a song to get you going:

Here are the lyrics, by Ben Scales, in case you want to sing along:

I'm growing marijuana in my yard I'm growing marijuana in my yard. I've got little pots of pot - Spread out all over the lot Cuz I'm growing marijuana in my yard.

I got the seed from Mexico Stuck it in some dirt and let it grow Put it in my garden with my peppers and my peas And I get all the smoke I need for free.

I'm growing marijuana in my yard, I'm growing marijuana in my yard. We keep it where no one can see - So let's keep this 'tween you and me, But I'm growing marijuana in my yard.

Yes, I'm growing marijuana in my yard, But I can't tell my boss or I'll get fired. I don't grow much just what I use - I work all day and when I'm through I smoke some marijuana from my yard.

Now the policeman wants to talk to me He says, How you gonna smoke up all that weed? He says, Money's what you're in it for - Don't you know we're in a war? Now I'm gonna haul your ass downtown with me.

And I said, Hey, man, what is it to you? How do I infringe on what you do? I beg your pardon, if you're offended by my garden But I just can't grow Prozac in my yard.

So I grow my own medicine in my yard. I give some to my neighbor for his heart. I share it with my grandma, who keeps it from her son, Cuz we all know that stuff's against the law.

Now there's nothing growing in my yard Cuz the cops took all my land and both my cars. Now I have to buy my pot - From a teen-ager in a parking lot Who's growing marijuana in his yard.

Anyone can grow it in their yard I could show you how, it ain't hard. Never mind the president, Let's overgrow the government. And all grow marijuana in our yards.


A bass-playing friend recently said to me "Rap is to music what the Etcha Sketch is to art". Maybe so, but I'm starting to like these Kottonmouth Kings:

Have a great weekend!

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