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Saturday, May 7, 2011


Well, it wasn't exactly an arrest. But the Easton PD sent 5 squad cars to quell the crowd at Porter's Pub last night and dragged me -- Uke Jackson -- out into the street. The coppers said next time they would charge me with inciting a riot.

It all started when we were toward the end of our second set. We'd just finished "Love Potion # 9" and the crowd was getting boisterous. Actually, maybe it began when we played "My Bucket's Got a Hole In It" and people were singing along and shoutin g for more. Either way, there's no question that the gang at Porter's really got going when we did "If Youse a Viper".

Then we were half way through our second set closer -- "My Girl's Pussy" -- when the raid took place. As the saying goes, all hell broke loose. Gals were being smooched. Guys were being slapped. Beer was being downed and the crowd was howling for more. In came the boys in blue to shut it all down.

Photos to follow.

On other fronts, have you got your Kentucky Derby picks yet? I'm going with Shackleford to win. But I'm boxing Shackleford with Archarcharch and Nehro in the exacta. It will be the first time in five years without me betting on Calvin Borel's mount. Good luck to all!

(FULL DISCLOSURE: Five squad cars did show up while we were in the middle of doing MGP and the crowd was loving it. But it was because some woman upstairs had thrown out her old man, and was throwing all his belongings out the window and down onto the sidewalk below. I love Easton! And we love Porter's Pub. It's a great room -- built into the side of the hill, it's like a cavern with huge rocks protruding onto the back of the band stand area. Very cool space. Great room, great acoustics. Great to make new friends for the band, and to see some old friends! Thanks to Porter's Pub for having us! Thanks to everyone who turned out!)


  1. you shoul;d have been playing Bill Bailey. maybe the girlfriend would let him stay there then

  2. Thanks, Anonymous! Good idea. Actually, we cut Bill Bailey from the second set because the jams were running so long.

    Bill Bailey would have been a good pick in the Kentucky Derby, too. He wasn't running, but you could say the same about my picks. Ohwell.

  3. During MG'sP, actually I witnessed some of the confrontation while we were playing the Harry ROY TUNE, "My Girls Pussy" originally recorded in 1931.
    As more squad cars pulled up, a big breasted women, was hanging, YES with "Hangings Out" the 2nd story window, yelling at the boys in blue, and then the action really started..a series of officers, went a knocking to the door, but no one answered. Some one must have been "removing their gloves" in the interim. Johnny JJ Peppers