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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Big Viperino -- photos and report

Okay. so last weekend was the Big Viperino. It began Saturday evening and the last guests left Sunday afternoon. About 40 people showed up, including my 170 year old parents who came up from Florida!
The photographer who was supposed to capture the entire event did not show up. The only photos (below) were taken by my sister with her mobile phone. No one took any videos or made any recordings of the music. Oh well. At least everyone had a good time. Special thanks go out to Tom Duncan (Dr. Dubious of Dr Dubious and the Agnostics) who sat in with us all evening, adding his mellifluous clarinet playing.

At the Big Viperino:
(standing) Son of the Unknown Playwright and girlfriend
(seated) 170 year old parents of the Unknown Playwright
(Mom's 80; Dad's 90)

See more photos by clicking the Read More link.

JJ Peppers and Mike Green of the Ginseng Roots Band

Wife of the Unknown Playwright

(l. to r.) JJ Peppers, nephew of the Unknown Playwright (seated) , Mike Green, Tom Duncan, the Unknown Playwright

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